BRIXWIRE News Hub: Developer pack

Today we would like to present you one of the packages that you can purchase with BrixWire. This package is designed for large projects or for customers who have requirements that go beyond the standard installation. The idea behind it is to involve you in further development and provide you with innovative functionality independent of the general BrixWire Schedule.


Can be chosen for

  • Preferred and individual implementation of enhancements that have product character
  • Support in the development of individual components
  • General analysis of feasibility for connection topics
  • special hosting or individual security
  • Production support and monitoring
  • Individual updates and prioritization of product features

Includes, in addition to the above:

  • Integration into the BrixWire communication system (chat & backlog)
  • Participation in our plannings, every two weeks
  • Participation in our reviews, also every two weeks
  • Access to the bug tracker
  • Direct communication with our developers
  • Participation in a meeting Jour Fix in your company
  • Branches that are derived from the current mainline and provide stable Dev, Stage, Prod guidance. These branches are continuously synchronized with the mainline.

Product sheet

In the document you will find more information about the technical specifications of BrixWire as well as a description of the available plugins that you can use to create your Developer Pack.

Interested in the Developer Pack? Would you like to request more information? We are happy to help you, please contact us!