Headless Publishing: jumping into the future of the media technology

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Headless? Is everything going digital and automated?

The last year has been full of changes and challenges for the different industries including the media business, the pandemic, and the home office led to fast digital adoption, people are spending more time online and are consuming more digital content and switching between platforms.

The industry is changing and becoming more complex, that’s why your editorial system must be also at the forefront.

This increase, therefore, represents a challenge for the industry, speed and omnipresence are now critical factors. People want to get easy and fast access to the information, they are multichannel consumers (web, print, social media, newsletters, podcasts, apps, etc.). And to reach your target audience, it is important to go hand in hand with technology, which provides solutions to these requirements.

How is it then that Headless Publishing helps you to meet these challenges?

  • A headless platform enables you to create and distribute content from a central system through different channels
  • It gives you freedom and flexibility within the content creation.
  • You can get more out of your content by being able to share it quickly on different platforms.
  • As the complexity of your multichannel system increases, headless publishing adapts to your system to continue publishing easily and quickly.
  • You will save time by not having to focus on the target channel for each piece of content created each time, but rather it is set up once and arrives at the desired platform to be reviewed, edited, or shared.

BrixWire News Hub

We have created a platform that can help you accelerate your jump into the future of publishing. BrixWire has two modes of operation, interactive and headless.

It collects stories and assets from various sources (e.g. press agencies, CMS, planning, and editorial systems), transforms the content, and integrates it, ready to publish, into target systems like CMS, editorial, or DAM systems.

This is how BrixWire works

By a scheduler and customer APIs we can provide headless and fully automated publishing, i.e. without user interaction. We do this, e.g. for connecting a DCX with a WoodWing System or by connecting Desknet to a print channel. The news can be exported to any number of output channels (print or online systems).

In this other post, we tell you more about how the News Hub can boost your editorial system.

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