What can BrixWire News Hub do and what is it suitable for?

BrixWire is a News Hub, a platform designed specifically for publishers and media houses. In another post we talked about the benefits it can bring to your editorial system, today we want to explain what BrixWire can do and what it is suitable for.

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What can BrixWire do?

By combining input and output channels, news from sources such as editorial systems, agency feeds, and databases can be routed to print or online systems. This includes print-first or online-first approaches, as well as a heterogeneous landscape of editorial systems or a smooth transition to a new CMS or editorial system through a parallel operation.

Here’s how BrixWire integrates different platforms

What is it suitable for?

If you are wondering what you can achieve with the platform and what this system integration will enable you to do, we have 6 use cases for you:

BrixWire use cases

BrixWire Use Cases

Interactive publishing

The installed input channels deliver stories from different types of sources. Common news feeds from agencies delivered via directory or FTP are supported, as well as CMS or push notifications against our APIs. News can be searched with different criteria and published to different output channels, such as editorial systems or CMS.

Headless publishing

Using a scheduler and customer APIs, we can offer headless and fully automated publishing, i.e. without user interaction. We achieve this, for example, by connecting a DCX to a Woodwing system or by connecting Desknet to a print channel.


Digital first or print first is no longer the question. For BrixWire, it doesn’t matter if you want a print-first or online-first approach. You can simply define input channels and output publication mappings as you need them. You can start publishing where you create content and either publish automatically or leave the decision to an interactive editor.

Connection and synchronization of multiple publishing systems

Several editorial systems can be connected or synchronized via BrixWire. I.e. it can be used for a heterogeneous landscape of parallel systems, or it can be used for migration scenarios when changing providers.

Transformation of content to other systems and formats

BrixWire is also suitable for transforming content coming from publishing remote systems. Examples are: Converting structured recipe data into web or print articles or integrating office formats into the workflow.

Distributed and collaborative publishing

Easy connection of offsite workstations for editors, such as Home Office. BrixWire also enables collaborative work for multi-site distributed teamwork.

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