The News Hub as a booster for your editorial system!


What is a News Hub?

You probably heard about Data Hubs or Content Hubs. Gartner defines them as “a logical architecture which enables data sharing by connecting producers of data (applications, processes, and teams) with consumers of data (other applications, processes, and teams).

The hub provides a point of mediation and governance and visibility to how data is flowing across the enterprise”.

But what is a News Hub? And how can you take advantage of this kind of platform? Well, let’s start by clarifying the basics:

A News Hub is a platform, specifically designed for publishers where large amounts of content and media files such as articles, photos, and videos are consolidated.

But it’s not just a storage center, it also gives you a space for interaction. From there, you can import content from different sources, include it into your database, transform it and then export it to the next destination system distributing it to other platforms.

The Benefits of News Hubs

News Hubs can provide a multitude of benefits to your system workflow:

  • Data centralization
  • Speed
  • Time-saving
  • Automation
  • Flexibility
  • Stability

In short, a News Hub is a complete and beneficial tool. When implemented in your system, it saves time and, above all, resources. In addition, it’s easily integrable to your preexisting tool ecosystem. Thus, making it a booster to get the most out of your editorial system.

That’s why at BrixWare, we developed the platform BrixWire News Hub. It collects stories and assets from various sources (e.g. press agencies, CMS, planning, and editorial systems), transforms the content, and integrates it, ready to publish, into target systems like CMS, editorial, or DAM systems.

What can I achieve with BRIXWIRE News Hub?

  • Interactive Publishing
  • Headless publishing
  • AnyFirst (Digital First or Print first is not the question anymore)
  • Connection & synchronization of multiple publishing systems
  • Transformation of content to other systems and formats
  • Distributed & collaborative publishing
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